Gifted Glow Facial - $89

    • The perfect lunchtime facial that provides exfoliating, corrective results! Plus a FREE GIFT of a brightening serum and moisturizer that absorbs swiftly into freshly derma-planed skin. This is perfect for a quick glow on the go! Limited spots are available while supplies last. 30 min

Custom Signature Facial

Clear Complex Facial - $109

    • Enjoy our clearing and brightening diamond facial that provides exfoliating, clearing, and brightening benefits. Treats oily, normal and acne-prone skin. Plus a FREE GIFT of the Clearing and Brightening kit to take home and continue for clear, bright and beautiful results! 45 min

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Person receiving a facial massage

Radiofrequency Beauty Boost - $169

Radiofrequency is used to stimulate collagen and tighten skin for immediate results! This is followed by a medical-grade cleanser, steam, and exfoliating enzymes to promote rapid product absorption of our potent retinol and illuminating masks. We finish the experience with a relaxing scalp massage and our medical-grade brightening and tightening C’esta Serum by Jan Marini. Receive a $10 gift towards the C’esta Serum to continue the results at home! 90 min

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